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Optimizing Operations for Brands

When we met Ricky Choi, everything about him let you know he was an operator. Loaded with facts, precision, and the air of someone who could make the impossible happen, he was an entrepreneur who made socks sound interesting.  As the co-founder and CEO of Nice Laundry, he built a successful direct-to-consumer sock and underwear business by focusing on operations as much as design.

When he and his partners approached us about starting a modern 3PL (third party logistics) business designed for consumer brands, we were intrigued. By focusing on operational and technology-driven solutions to help brands increase efficiency and reliability, they showed us what an “Ops Center” could do.  A few months later, after we led the seed round, Outerspace was born.

From early days, we helped the company think about real estate, strategy, and capital markets. We recruited board members and made introductions to customers and potential partners. 

Since then, Outerspace has survived the pandemic, opened three locations, tripled revenues each year, and raised a Series A and a Series B round, which was led by Prysm Capital.

The need for their offering is stronger than ever. Brands are continuously looking for value added partners as they manage supply chain challenges and an ever-higher bar for the online consumer experience. 

We are excited to see where the company goes in this next phase of growth and believe Ricky and the team will redefine what it means to have a fulfillment partner in the future.