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Robert Snyder

President, Tishman Hotels
Robert Snyder


My first job out of college was with Hyatt in the training program in New York. I started at the Grand Hyatt on 42nd Street and was constantly promoted to different areas of the hotel - I learned every job, quickly realizing I had the bug for the hotel industry.

I joined Tishman in 1996, where I found an opportunity to do something more creative and intellectual. I was hired to handle third-party management but eventually moved into the office to take on more of a management role. In supervising other general managers, I tried to lead by example and “walk the walk” when it came to setting a standard. My philosophy as a manager was to hire the best people, provide them with resources, support, vision, and leadership, and then stand back. More often than not, the right people always delivered.

Robert SnyderRobert Snyder

The culture we have built at Tishman is special because of the bonds we’ve formed through good times and bad. I have worked with my partners on the real estate team to launch projects, operate them through cycles, and see things through to the other side. We opened the Westin Times Square soon after 9/11 and made it a success. We operated through the pandemic, which was difficult, but we have been through enough battles together that we kept things moving under some unfathomable circumstances.

I take a lot of pride in what we’ve built with our hotel platform at Tishman, and when I think about the successes we have had and the culture we’ve created, I am extremely excited about the future. Trends and cycles come and go, but I believe the foundation of our culture is built to last. I am curious to see what the next generation of talent does with this incredible platform.

professional biography

Robert Snyder is President for Tishman Hotel Corporation. Prior to joining Tishman in 1996 as the General Manager for the Doral Park Avenue Hotel, he was the General Manager for the Kimberly Hotel and the Resident Manager for the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Mr. Snyder began his career with Hyatt Hotels and Resorts and spent the first 10 years working in Rooms management positions at the Grand Hyatt New York, the Hyatt Regency Chicago, and the Park Hyatt Hotel. Mr. Snyder is a member of the New York Hospitality Council and the American Hotel & Lodging Association. He also serves on the Westin Owners Advisory Board. Mr. Snyder holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts from Trinity College.