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Frank Beck

President, Family Office
Frank Beck

“Let common sense, awareness and right action guide you”


I started my career with Tishman in 1991.  At the time, Tishman was going through generational and structural changes and just beginning to expand its real estate and hospitality business. With an accounting degree and background in hospitality and real estate advisory, first with the accounting firm PKF, and later as controller for the Rockefeller family’s resort business, the opportunity to join Tishman was a natural next move to make.

As Tishman Realty & Construction grew, my role expanded quickly to CFO of Tishman Hotel and Realty, working directly with John Vickers. Soon after, with the construction side of the company also growing quickly, my role again expanded, and I became CFO of Tishman Construction as well. Over the course of my career with Tishman, I learned a lot about construction, real estate, and corporate governance from both Dan Tishman and John Vickers -- knowledge that continues to guide me today.

Frank BeckFrank Beck

Over the past 30 years, I’ve encountered many unique challenges and exciting initiatives, including getting Tishman Construction ready for sale to a large, international public company; and more recently, working with John Vickers and Dan Tishman to create a family office structure to support the families now and in the future. We created Tishman Capital, a new business and registered investment advisor (RIA), bringing investment management in-house for the Tishman and Vickers families and now select third parties. We’ve also launched internal and external funds and seeded new businesses and strategies.

Looking ahead, I’m very excited about the possibilities for growth and, especially, working with the next generation of family members and leaders.

Outside work, travel and music have always been a big part of my life: My wife and I have a passion for adventure travel and live music. Now, we share the same interests with our two children and our new grandchild.

professional biography

Frank Beck is CFO of the organization and president of the Multi-Family Office of the Principals; his career at Tishman spans over 30 years. Mr. Beck also serves as Trustee and Treasurer of “NorthLight Foundation.” Before joining Tishman in 1992, Mr. Beck was with the public accounting firm Pannell Kerr Forester and the Rockefeller Family owned, Rock Resorts. He is an accounting graduate of SUNY Fredonia.