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Eric Opron

Executive Vice President, Tishman Hotels – Orlando
Eric Opron

“Every strike brings me closer to the next homerun”


Prior to joining Tishman, I worked at the Dolphin and Swan Resort at Disney World for 15 years. This property was known for its service, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. I recognized that the expectation of excellence at the Dolphin and Swan started at the ownership level, so when the opportunity to join Tishman came, I was excited to make the transition and help steer the ship from that perspective.

Mentoring has always been an important and rewarding part of my career. Investing in the development of people, encouraging their creativity and valuing their contribution promotes a culture of inclusion and accountability. These are cornerstones of the Tishman philosophy. From my leadership positions, I have also learned that people need to know you care and respond positively when they see and feel it. My mentors made this a priority early in my career, so I try to pass that forward to the people I work with.

Eric OpronEric Opron

professional biography

Eric Opron is the Executive Vice President of Tishman Hotels. Prior to joining Tishman, he was a Managing Director of Omni Hotels and Hotel Manager of the Walt Disney World Dolphin and Swan. Mr. Opron holds a BA in Hospitality Management from Mercyhurst University.