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Charles Song

Chief Investment Officer, Tishman
Charles Song

“I will always bet on people who are willing to bet on themselves”


My parents immigrated from South Korea and provided our family a great childhood in Atlanta. They made a huge bet to come to this country with very little support, but they had big dreams. They started small businesses, helped a lot of people in the community and became pretty good golfers along the way. Watching them work through ups and downs, I learned a level of resilience and adaptability that has helped me to this day.

After college, I went to work on Wall Street and traveled all over the world before coming back to New York. Throughout that journey, I gravitated to situations where I could bet on myself. No matter what happened, I was ok with the outcome as long as I could pull the trigger. The willingness to take calculated risks was a byproduct of my upbringing.

When I joined Tishman, I was attracted by the ability to create our own opportunities. For a company with so much history, our principals have created an environment that allows us to reinvent ourselves with the times. Since I’ve joined, we have seeded businesses, launched our own funds and partnered with others in an extremely entrepreneurial way. With the flexibility and patience to pick our spots, we are building a platform that can take a long-term view on themes we like, but also act on short-term opportunities that may arise.

In terms of focus, we are sector agnostic, but have gravitated towards long-term themes within real estate, travel, e-commerce enablement and tax efficient investments. As we build out our network of like-minded investors, we plan to continue to launch targeted strategies and invite others who might want to scale up our ideas. Over the long term, I think this model will stand out and net superior results for our own book and for our partners.

Charles SongCharles Song

professional biography

Charles Song is the President and Chief Investment Officer for Tishman Capital Partners. During his time at Tishman, he has seeded a 3PL company, seeded an investment firm focused on tax loss harvesting solutions, launched a distressed credit fund and launched a Qualified Opportunity Zone fund. He currently serves as an advisor for Outerspace Ops Inc, Postcard Technologies, Presso and Quantinno Capital Management.  He also serves as co-chair of the Advisory Board for Per Scholas Newark, an organization committed to providing skills training and access to employer networks to individuals often excluded from tech careers. Prior to Tishman, he was a Managing Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York and has worked as a portfolio manager at Moon Capital, Macquarie and Dividend Capital.  Mr. Song started his career at Lehman Brothers in New York. He holds a B.A. in Government from Cornell University.